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Hello, my name is Arturo Vilchis. I am an architect and designer of Picnic Voyage. My journey began when a relative was giving away his boat, so my great friend Carlos and I, worked on it for months in my garage. As an architect I wanted to design a very unique boat with comfortable chairs, a table that holds cups for you, and more. As seeing how the pop up picnic business is booming, our niche, which helps us stand out from other picnic businesses, became having a luxury picnic date on our boat. And so, the Picnic Voyage was born. 



Your host for a toast, Carlos Ortega. While pursuing a career as an entrepreneur, with a minors in Marketing is excited to welcome the new voyagers for this unique experience. With a passion for music and the outdoors, he loves to mix some tech-house tracks while camping at the desert when he can!

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